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Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk

Rebranding & Visual Standard

In order to enhance the identity of Beach Boardwalk, we took the existing brand and recreated it to give it a fresh and unique look. By redesigning the logo, color scheme, and overall visual elements, we aimed to create a brand identity that truly represents the fun and excitement of the boardwalk experience. Our goal was to make sure that every aspect of the brand reflects the lively and vibrant atmosphere of the beachfront destination. Through careful planning and creative execution, we successfully established a new brand identity that resonates with both locals and tourists alike.

Target Audience
Our target audience is from ages 1-100. From Family Events to Concerts. Everyone is welcome to enjoy some fun in the sun here!

Target Audience here was expressed and described as food Items you can Find at the Board Walk

Visual Standard8.jpg

Color Theme 
The original logo had too many colors. I narrowed it down to a blue pallet with a yellow accent color to compliment the color theme. Blues represent the ocean and yellow represents the sun at the boardwalk.

Visual Standard10.jpg

The logo was carefully designed to represent the values and characteristics that you can find at the Boardwalk. The color that are found in the logo are used as well through out the marketing materials. . 

original logo.png

Original Logo 
Reference to original logo 

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Full Spread of Book Pages


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