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Belmont Vinyards

Package & Design

At Belmont Vineyards, you can experience and discover the different smells of wine when you taste it. By visiting the vineyard, you'll have the opportunity to learn how to identify the various aromas that make each wine unique. This experience will help you develop a better understanding of the flavors in every glass of wine. Belmont Vineyards offers a great learning environment for those interested in expanding their knowledge of wine tasting.

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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


In order to enhance the identity of Beach Boardwalk, we took the existing brand and recreated it to give it a fresh and unique look. By redesigning the logo, color scheme, and overall visual elements, we aimed to create a brand identity that truly represents the fun and excitement of the boardwalk experience. Our goal was to make sure that every aspect of the brand reflects the lively and vibrant atmosphere of the beachfront destination. Through careful planning and creative execution, we successfully established a new brand identity that resonates with both locals and tourists alike.

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Post Partum Depression

Do Good For Good Research Based Design & NCUR

The “Do Good for Good” design project focuses on research & creating a design element related to an important issue. I decided to work on postpartum depression for my project. I submitted an abstract, which was reviewed and accepted for presentation at NCUR. This opportunity allows me to raise awareness and advocate for those affected by postpartum depression through my design work.


Cloudy Sky Travels

Brand Identity for Start-up Buisness

Establishing a brand identity is crucial for a small business start-up like Cloudy Travels which specializes in hot air balloon rides for families and couples. By developing a unique logo, color scheme, and website, Cloudy Travels can stand out in the competitive market and attract potential customers. Crafting a consistent brand message across all communication channels will help the company build trust and loyalty among its target audience and establish a lasting connection with customers seeking memorable experiences.

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Strategic Marketing

Brand Identity

As students we created various posters, fliers, Instagram post, merchandise, etc. for events on campus. We work with the ASUOP branding on every work order that is ASUOP related or funded. We work as a team collaborating designs and engage in weekly meeting allowing us to give each other constructive feed back.

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Be The Princess You Are

Visual Metaphor

In my visual metaphor project, I was tasked with developing a brand identity for Kristy K Designs. By connecting it with the metaphor "be the princess you are," I aimed to convey a sense of elegance and individuality in the brand. Through this project, I learned the importance of using visual elements to communicate a deeper message and make a lasting impression on the audience. Crafting the brand identity for Kristy K Designs allowed me to explore the power of symbolism and creativity in design.

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Save Sealife

Magazine Layout

Creating a beautiful watercolor painting on sea turtles which were showcased in a magazine layout, the colors and textures of the artwork can captivate the audience’s attention. A creative story showing The non-profit organization’s efforts to save turtles can be highlighted through the featured paintings, raising awareness about the importance of conservation. By merging art and advocacy in a magazine spread, we can inspire others to join the cause and support the protection of these magnificent creatures.


Featured Article

Typography & Visual Communications

When creating a new paper layout using typography and visual communications, it is important to carefully choose fonts and design elements that work together harmoniously. Typography plays a vital role in conveying the right message to the readers, so selecting the appropriate font styles and sizes is crucial. Visual communication elements such as images and colors should complement the typography to enhance the overall look and feel of the layout. 

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