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Typography and Visual Communications

Creating a beautiful watercolor painting of sea turtles which were showcased in a magazine layout, the colors and textures of the artwork can captivate the audience’s attention. A creative story showing The non-profit organization’s efforts to save turtles can be highlighted through the featured paintings, raising awareness about the importance of conservation. By merging art and advocacy in a magazine spread, we can inspire others to join the cause and support the protection of these magnificent creatures.

Target Audience
Target Audience can range from ages 25-65. These people have jobs and are more willing to donate money and or time to the cause. 


Color Theme 
Brand identity color scheme plays a crucial role in how a company is recognized. Cool Blues to represent the sky and warm yellows to bring in the warms of good memories and fun times.




Cover Page
In a issue of National Geographic magazine, a stunning spread was designed to raise awareness about the importance of saving sea turtles. The captivating water color painted images and informative text highlighted the challenges facing these majestic creatures and urged readers to take action viewing this cover page.

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