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Words of Love on Postpartum Depression

Do Good For Good Research Based Design & NCUR

The “Do Good for Good” design project focuses on research & creating a design element related to an important issue. I decided to work on postpartum depression for my project. I submitted an abstract, which was reviewed and accepted for presentation at NCUR. This opportunity allows me to raise awareness and advocate for those affected by postpartum depression through my design work.

Target Audience
With a topic that targets mental health, the target audience here is the Mother, child, and immediate family members living within the same household as the mother and baby. Additionally The practitioners who are responsible for the mother and babies health and care are also the target audience here.


Color Theme 
Color scheme plays a crucial role in how the message is portrayed. I wanted to have a modern feel and yet keep in mind the tones of colors that feeling like a new born baby, however still keeping gender neutral in mind.


Characters were drawn that tell the story of the bond of a mother and a child. Mother is purposely different colors to portray her moods through pregnancy. Baby elephant and the remaining animals are  purposely neutral colors to show that they are remaining in a constant state of mind through the process.

Images were drawn on Adobe Illustrator


Compelling Story
Story Telling - Mind Mapping


story yellow.jpg

1) Yellow
Associated feeling of anxiety 

story 1.jpg

2) Blue
Associated feeling of feeling like you have the blues (sadness)

story  2.jpg

3) Green
Associated with growth and renewal, promoting optimism, hopefulness, and balance.

story 3.jpg

4) Pink
Associated with love, nurture and compassion. It evokes feelings of comfort, warmth and hope.

Abstract & Interview Questions



Abstract Submission To NCUR
I submitted an abstract for a conference called NCUR on the topic of postpartum depression, and I was thrilled to that my submission was accepted. This acceptance motivates me to continue my work in raising awareness and understanding of postpartum depression. I am grateful for this chance to contribute to the conversation surrounding mental health in new mothers.

Abstract_ Doctors Interview questions_Page_1.jpg

Interview Questions For Doctors
I made trips to the Gill OBGYN office in Lodi, Ca and spoke with Doctor Karen Sawyer MD. She shared this information with her office colleges; however I never heard a response back. I think Spoke with Dr. Singha in Fresno, Ca and she then referred me to Dr. Maya who responded to these questions. Her response was crucial and very helpful in my creating the material I needed to create my journal pages.

Abstract_ Family Interview questions - Google Docs_Page_1.jpg

Interview Questions For Families
These questions I asked families and friend of my own to fill this out. This way I can get a first hand understanding of the issues and concerns that families may have in direct contact to someone who may be pregnant. Understanding how to promote mental health and awareness starts at home because this is where the mother and baby spend most of their time.

Project is not complete, this is an on going project meant to be presented to show the capability and impact it can have. The further I do more research and bring more awareness the more this project can grow into endless possibilities.

Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_01.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_02.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_03.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_04.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_05.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_07.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_08.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_09.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_10.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_11.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_12.jpg
Presentation_Kristy Karan_Page_13.jpg
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