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Magical Hues of Henna

Hue-Manity Gallery Show 

Kristy’s lifelong passion for henna artistry shines through in her stunning Henna Night Theme displayed here, which she designed to highlight her diverse talents. As a Graphic Art major and Studio Art minor, Kristy has cultivated impressive skills across numerous creative disciplines. Her studies have provided her with expertise in areas like package and design and web design, ceramics, printmaking, illustrations, brand identity, book design, and more. Kristy combines this knowledge with the intricate henna skills she has honed since childhood. Her henna designs showcase exquisite line work and delicate patterns applied with a steady, practiced hand. The Henna Night Theme seamlessly integrates Kristy's henna art with her graphic design abilities. She developed cohesive branding and visuals that complement the ornate henna displays. From the stylized typography to the custom-designed environments, Kristy's sharp eye for design is evident. Her branding and promotional materials employ striking colors and compositions that draw viewers in.

Target Audience
Our audience is from ages 20-40. This can be for brides from all backgrounds racial and gender. 

Screenshot 2024-03-24 075214.png
Screenshot 2024-03-24 075223.png

Color Theme 
Brand identity color scheme plays a crucial role in how a company is recognized. I choose to go with a larger array of colors for the palette here. With more colors I can create more depth and interest.


These symbols are carefully designed to represent the values and characteristics of the branding. I was debating on staying with the color pallet originally choose or trying something new for this particular project.




Design Instructions
An instructional guide was created so people know how to choose their henna patterns from the book so that they henna artist at the show can apply henna for them.

poster 1.jpg

A 36 inch by 24 inch poster was created as the center piece of the back drop showcasing my henna art work as part of the marketing materials.

updated poster-01.jpg

Back Arches Maquette
Package & Design

A smaller model of the back arches was created in a maquette deign to help me decide on final sizing and details before I created the live scale of the arches.

Packaging of the henna cones was made to give out as giveaways at the event. It heald a 17gm henna cone.


Flier & Business Cards
Marketing Materials for people to take at the events were the fliers and business card. Both contained a QR Code of my Instagram and website to scan.


Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference
I am pleased to share that I have been accepted to present my senior project at the PURCC at the University of the Pacific. This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my hard work and research to a larger audience. I am excited to share my findings and contribute to the academic community. I look forward to gaining valuable feedback and insights from fellow researchers and scholars at the event.

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