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Monotype & Monoprint

Creating monotypes and monoprints has helped me see how different design elements can come together harmoniously. Through this process, I learned about the impact of various shapes and colors working in unison. These unique printing techniques have shown me how dynamic compositions can be produced by layering different textures and patterns. Experimenting with monotype and monoprint making has deepened my understanding of how design elements interact to create visually engaging artwork.


Magical Hues of Heena

Hue-Manity Gallery Show 

Kristy’s lifelong passion for henna artistry shines through in her stunning Henna Night Theme displayed here, which she designed to highlight her diverse talents. As a Graphic Art major and Studio Art minor, Kristy has cultivated impressive skills across numerous creative disciplines. Her studies have provided her with expertise in areas like package and design and web design, ceramics, printmaking, illustrations, brand identity, book design, and more. Kristy combines this knowledge with the intricate henna skills she has honed since childhood. Her henna designs showcase exquisite line work and delicate patterns applied with a steady, practiced hand. The Henna Night Theme seamlessly integrates Kristy's henna art with her graphic design abilities. She developed cohesive branding and visuals that complement the ornate henna displays. From the stylized typography to the custom-designed environments, Kristy's sharp eye for design is evident. Her branding and promotional materials employ striking colors and compositions that draw viewers in.


Structural Foundations of
New York

AIGA - UOP Galley Show

New York City, a jungle of its own, captivated my attention with its mesmerizing grid-like structure and architectural wonders. As I wandered through its labyrinthine streets, I couldn’t help but notice the uniformity and precision with which the city’s layout was designed. Each block fitting perfectly into the next, forming a seamless pattern that portrays the city’s streets and subway system.The grid system, was a defining feature of New York and I wanted to recreate this. Inspiration came from; walking through the streets, I observed the fundamental building blocks of New York’s architecture. Wood, metal, concrete, and terracotta harmoniously blend together to create the magnificent structures that define the city’s skyline. 

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